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About Us

David Doughie's is an Austin bagelry, serving fresh New Yorkish bagels made with locally sourced organic, heirloom grains.  We strive to perfect unique products that pay tribute to our roots while celebrating our local communities' offerings.

Our bagel process begins with a sourdough starter. Once the dough is made, the bagels are rolled by hand and aged for two days. They are then, boiled and baked in a true New York fashion, which results in a crispy exterior and dense, yet soft and chewy, interior. 

Like many people did during the pandemic, we baked. At first, it was just to get a taste of something our East Coast pallets were missing out on, but very quickly it turned into way more than that. Once our neighbors got a taste, they kept asking for more, so we started taking donations. Our small pandemic kitchen project quickly grew, but all it needed was a name.  During a family deliberation, our 6-year-old Bowie-loving daughter said "How about David Doughie's?". 

We started our business by providing bagels at a pick-up location within our Steiner Ranch neighborhood two times a week. It brought us so much joy to feed our friends and local families, but we quickly felt the need to provide them for a larger audience. We now provide our bagels and treats through the Texas Farmers Market at Lakeline every Saturday from 9am-1pm.

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